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Srinan National Park

Sinan national park guide

Srinan national park is one of the popular national parks in Thailand. It located at Nan Province and is 750 km. away from Bangkok. This national park is a very beautiful natural place and nice chill weather, about 5 - 15 degrees Celsius in winter. Most tourists come to this popular place for camping to see the beautiful natural sightseeing spots on both sides of Nan River and beautiful foggy sea in the morning. Sinan national park is for tourists who like the camping and relaxing with families. There are no accommodations and restaurants and other service except toilets and bathrooms so you have to prepare some food and water.

When you should travel there

November to Febuary is the best time to travel at all national parks in Thailand. It is so quiet and cold weather
national park photos
road to taksin maharat national park taksin

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Sinan national park,Tak province, Thailand

Srinan National Park Map

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