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Khao kor mountain is one of all popular places in Thailand. It located at Phechabun province, Northern part of Thailand, 346 kms. from Bangkok. Visitor shoud travel between November to Febuary for very cold weather. Thailand tourist like to travel Khao kor because it so beautiful nature place and also quiet. Khao kor mountainous area was the battle field of the Thai communist party and the Royal Thai Army in 1965-1984.
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Khao Kor Palace

Khao Kor Palace for the purpose of presentation to His Majesty the King who will reside here while observation His Majesty the King's project.

Khao Kho Phetchaboon, Weapon Museum

The Weapon Museum or Than It-Thi was named after Colonel It-Thi Simarak, a military officer who played an important role in seizing Khao Kor back from the communist terreists. Its localtion on the top of khao ko mountain offers a high-angled view of beautiful nature place.

Sri Dit waterfall (Namtok Sri Dit)

Sri Dit waterfall is a beautiful waterfall and tourist attraction in Thailand. This waterfall is situated on the Wang Thong River. There is a rice mortar using power generated from the waterfall, built by the Communist Party of Thailand

Wat Mahathat

This monastery is an ancient temple, It is a place that comprises Buddha's relics, Orrahan's ashes, and small images of Buddha in several style. Two buddha images of the beginning U-Thong period Maravichai whose laps are 36 inches wide. One was installed to be the biggest Buddha in the church and another was installed in vihara of Wat Mahathat.

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