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Doi AngKhang travel guide

Every year from November to February, It is the best season to travel to the North of Thailand. Most visitors often go to the top of mountains to see the wonderful flower blossom during winter. Doi Angkhang is the nature place and best popular tourist destination in Chiang mai. Here is the popular wedding and honeymoon destinations. I went by a Van along the highway 107 road (Chiang Mai-Fang route), we got off at KM 137, and we had to go Doi Angkhang by small bus for 26 Kms. I also show you Chiang mai map for visitor who would like to have a good trip at Chiang mai thailand.

At Doi Ang Khang mountain, We can see plants being cultivate in this cooler climate including apricots, peaches, plums, carrots, salad greens and beautiful flowers such as carnations, roses, asters and chrysanthemums. There are many resorts that you reserve by yourself or via tour agencies. I introduce you booking the Angkhang Nature Resort withAmari Hotel and resorts.
road to taksin maharat national park taksin

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Doi AngKhang, Chiangmai province, Thailand

Nice weather all day, all night, it a good place to take photographs. I have never seen this beautiful place; someone told me that Doi Angkhang is referred to as the 'Little Switzerland' of Thailand.


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