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Songkran Festival 2012, Thaialnd

13 -15 April , Every Year
The date of Songkran festival is celebrated every years on 13 April to 15 April and it is the Thai new year also. The traditional Songkran has been a national long holiday for Thai peoples back to meet their family and pay respects to elders, including friends and neighbors. Buddhist celebrating Songkran also go to the temple to pray and give food to monks, cleanse Buddha images who believed that doing this will bring good luck and prosperity for the Thai New Year.

The most obvious celebration of Songkran is the throwing of water becasue it so hotest in a year. You always found the peoples roam the streets with containers of water or water guns and drench each other and passersby

Where is the popular for Songkran festival

Chiang mai is best places to visit for Songkran festival
Most travellers always celebrate Songkran festival at Chiangmai province, Chiangmai has a beautifaul culture and popular places.

Songkran festival in Chonburi
The Songkran festival along the Pattaya beach, Miss Songkran Beauty Contest and enjoy splashing water along the beach of Pattaya. .

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