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Koh larn island, Pattaya

Koh Larn Island or Coral island is one of Bangkok's nearest island in Thailand. This is one of the popular islands in Pattaya, Chonburi province. Just 45 minutes away from South Pattaya pier, Koh Larn Island consists of minor islands named Koh Khrok and Koh Sak. Most tourists who love coral snorkeling always travel there. It is famous coral island in Thailand. Here is an Unseen, white-sandy beaches and famous place for diving, relaxing, holidays and family activities.
Koh larn pattaya koh larn harbour coral island small beach pattaya thai island
Koh larn pattayakoh larn harbourcoral islandSmall beach pattaya Activities
koh larn picture koh larn beach thailand popular island white sand beach in thailand island resort thailand
koh larn picturekoh larn beachpopular islandwhite sand beach

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Koh larn, Thailand popular island


Koh Larn Island consists of 6 white sandy beaches, Sangwan Beach, Nual beach, Samae beach, Tien beach, Ta Waen Beach and Thong lang beach. You can take a speedboat ride of 15- 20 minutes to reach Koh larn island or ferry which operates every two hours with traveling time of 45 minutes. The short trips with high tourists are nice, quiet and cheap for Thailandís most popular island. Koh Larn is deprived of solitude as most tropical islands. There are several small hotels for those who desire to stay for a night or put up a tent.


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